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Personality Dimensions™

The strength of a brick wall comes not from the bricks that are used to build it, but from the mortar that keeps them together. The mortar keeps the bricks stable. It keeps them from rubbing against one another and causing friction that will wear them away. When walls fall down before their time, it usually has nothing to do with the bricks, but because the mortar was not applied properly.

The common misconception is that two brains are better than one, but if two people can’t stand to work together, it doesn’t matter how smart they are, their results will be mediocre. The people in your organization are the bricks in your wall. The relationships they forge with one another are the mortar that keeps your organization strong. When the focus of the relationships is on trust and understanding, the organization becomes resilient and successful. When people are focused on connecting and building attachments to one another, they will share ideas and concerns, contribute to one another’s thinking and feel safe giving honest feedback that helps the organization grow. 



Often it is small quirks and misunderstandings that break down a relationship. Through the Personality Dimensions™ course, participants learn about their own unique style when it comes to communication, relationship building, productivity, and conflict resolution, and the different styles of others. They learn to recognize and appreciate these differences and work with others to build stronger teams and improving cooperation, personal performance, innovation, and productivity.

Participants will learn the Personality Dimensions™ model representing the four different personalities. They will take an assessment to identify their unique personality type, and then learn how to work with other personalities in the group.


What to Expect

Duration: 1 day
Number of participants: Maximum 20
Who should attend: Any group that works together regularly

This training is designed to be motivational, thought-provoking, challenging and highly interactive. Training will be interspersed with lecture, individual and group work, and activities to immerse participants in key learning opportunities. Participants will have many opportunities to practice these new skills and role play scenarios they face in their work. 

Main Take-Aways

  • Understanding the history of Personality Dimensions™

  • Identifying your unique personality type

  • Thorough understanding of actions & behaviours associated with the different Colours

  • Similarities and differences of the Colours

  • How to communicate, colloborate and build relationships with different Colours

  • Exploring the Self Discovery Model