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Becoming a Shift Disturber

It’s easy to become complacent. We are creatures of habit and we are most confident and happy when we are engaged in work we are accustomed to doing. We feel we are doing our best work when it’s familiar. And while it’s true that expertise is formed by practice, it also comes from taking risks and trying things no one else has done before. No one becomes a master without pushing the boundaries.

If you want to have true impact, you must be open to new ways of looking at the world and new ways of doing things. You must excel at embracing change and know how to excel under stressful situations. You must become a shift disturber.


The Details

In this course, participants learn how to step outside their comfort zones in their behaviours and actions, keep open minds when it comes to new ideas and perspectives, engage in healthy, productive strategies for change, and stay primed and ready in stressful times. Through discussions and activities, they will learn valuable skills and methods to not only manage change effectively but also seek out opportunities and avenues for growth and innovation. They will learn how to use actively use change as a driver for success.



Duration: 3 days
Number of participants: Maximum 20
Who should attend: Anyone in a supervisory or management role

This training is designed to be motivational, thought-provoking, challenging and highly interactive. Training will be interspersed with lecture, individual and group assignments, group discussions, demonstrations and individual presenations with coaching. Participants will have many opportunities to practice these new skills and role play scenarios they face in their work. 

Main Takeaways

  • Key skills to build perseverance to handle change and stress

  • How to overcome resistance to change

  • Learning how to spot opportunities for change and leverage them

  • How to use stress to elevate (not decrease) performance

  • Managing the change process

  • Communicating reason and rationale for changes

  • Creating an environment where change is embraced

  • How to advocate and gain acceptance for new ideas