Kick ass companies aren’t machines made of cogs and pulleys. Building a great company doesn’t consist of just oiling a few areas. Or implementing new processes. Or buying the latest technology.

Every company is a living, breathing organism made up of all the people (their strengths and weaknesses, talents and downfalls) that work there.

Kick ass companies understand this and know how important it is to their success.

They know that it is their people that set them apart. People who need inspiration, purpose and a sense of belonging to be innovative, creative and go the extra mile.

A kick ass company makes the workplace human because this is where the magic happens. It might be messy, spastic at times and not always clear, but great ideas – great companies – are born this way.

Sweat, blood and tears are shed for a human workplace. Sacrifices are made. Loyalty and dedication are ironclad.

The key ingredient to building this type of workplace is your mojo.

Your mojo is your reason for being, the purpose of your company, the meaning people give to their work.

We all spend so much time at work, we need it to mean something; we need to know it’s all worthwhile. We need a sense of accomplishment, connection and enjoyment. People will happily trade great work for these things. 

It is a deep understanding of what sets you apart, a clear knowledge of your company and what it means to clients and employees. It is not just platitudes you put on your website. It’s what gets believed deep down. In the heart and soul. It’s what makes people instantly think of you for their needs. It’s what makes employees happily get out of bed Monday morning.

Xerox Parc guru John Seeley Brown said “Leadership is not just to make money. It’s to make meaning.”

Make meaning for your people. Give them something to believe in, self-identify with, and belong to. And they will do the rest.

People who are inspired to act build stronger companies. Those who love their work are more productive and creative. They treat clients and colleagues better. They think and act for the good of the whole. And at the end of the day they go home happier and have happier families.

Kick ass companies and kick ass families. Everyone wins.

Kick ass companies have a clear understanding of what it means to work with them and for them and they weave this throughout their corporate culture to build strong, healthy workplaces where people come first and connections are vital. They use their mojo to build attachment with their employees to the point where they self-identify with the company and it becomes part of them.

If you want your company to inspire this type of commitment and the success that comes with it, the first step is finding your own mojo. 

The Course

When you bring us in for our Find Your Mojo course, we work with you to identify your unique mojo, teach you current organizational health practices and plan with you how to build your mojo into them.

We work with you to plan these important changes in your company and how to communicate them to employees in a transparent, honest and authentic way to get them on board and rallying around you.

At the end of the course, you’ll receive your company’s Mojo Map which includes:

  • Specifics of your unique mojo  
  • Plan to incorporate it into how your company does business – long-term plans and day-to-day 
  • Plans for improving/modifying your corporate culture based on your mojo to promote a more human workplace 
  • Internal branding strategy for communicating your new mojo to employees

What we require from you

Willingness to be:

  • Upfront 
  • Open 
  • Vulnerable 
  • Uncomfortable 
  • Think outside the box

Download the course description below.

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