You know those companies that create experiences for their customers and employees that go beyond normal business. The way their employees and customers interact and speak of them often leads to them achieving “cult status”. Their followers are fanatics; taking any opportunity to speak adoringly about them, preach passionately about their mission and defend them intensely.

This type of devotion by employees and customers takes companies to unforeseen heights. Employees will provide high levels of extra effort for a company they connect with and believe in at an emotional and even spiritual level.

How does a company move itself to this level? By working from the inside out. It takes a deep understanding of what sets your company apart, a clear knowledge of your organization and what it means to employees. It’s what gets believed deep down, in the heart and soul. We call it your mojo, or your purpose. It’s what makes people instantly think of you for their needs. It creates the culture that makes employees happy to get out of bed Monday morning. When employees love their work, it shows in how they work, what they produce and how they serve customers.

The Process

When you bring us in for our Find Your Mojo course, we work with you to identify your unique mojo by developing clear, impactful mission and vision statements and values, and we teach you how to use these in the daily operation of your organization to create a strong culture that encourages employees to bring their A game.

Step 1: Culture Investigation Survey
We believe in engaging as many employees as possible to understand what’s important to them in their workplace (and lives). The Culture Investigation Survey is focused on finding out why employees are proud of the organization, what makes them excited to come to work every day, what values do they think the organization demonstrates (or should) and other questions to uncover what type of culture inspires them. These responses are used during the planning process and become an integral part of defining the culture, mission, vision and values.

Step 2: Finding Your Mojo
A two-day creative session involving both employees and management to craft your vision, mission and values that will become your secret sauce. We don’t believe in stuffy planning sessions. Great ideas come from people who are excited and open to the process. Our facilitators bring in activities and exercises that keep energy high and participants active. Our process encourages participants to speak up and be hands-on. Training models and activities will be included throughout the session to strengthen creativity, challenge traditional thinking, open up communication and strengthen relationships. Sessions are thought provoking, entertaining and energetic to keep the group from getting bogged down.

Step 3: From Paper to Reality
Our creative team can design posters, mugs, t-shirts – you name it! – with your newly defined vision, mission and values on it. We pride ourselves in creating fun and inspiring materials that certainly have the WOW factor.

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