We all want to be part of companies that matter, that are more than just a place where work gets done, but instead leave a lasting legacy. We call these kick ass companies, companies that know their true purpose, have leaders that people follow because they believe in them and teams that say 'yes' even before they know what their leaders need from them. 

You dream about building this type of company, but the only question stopping you from achieving it is: Do you have the guts to do it?

Building a kick ass company isn't for the faint of heart. It requires hard work, commitment and dedication - along with the ability to look deep, be uncomfortable and answer the tough questions.

Are you willing to be challenged? 

If the answer is yes, let's get started. 

In order to build a kick ass company, we focus on three separate areas: Find Your Mojo (for executives), Legendary Leaders (for supervisors/managers/team leaders) and Hell Yeah Teams. Our belief is by strengthening these core areas, you will surpass your goals.

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How it works

We know that every company is unique with different goals, different perspectives, different cultures and different ways of doing business. We take all that into consideration when we bring our program into your company. While the principles, teachings and activities remain the same, we tailor them to your specific needs.   

Because of this we start of all our courses with a kick start meeting with key members of those involved in order to get a feel for your company and people, understand your needs and objectives and ensure you'll get the most out of the program as possible. In the end, we don't get to be a kick ass company unless you become one.


The courses in the Build a Kick Ass Company program can be purchased independently or together, depending on your needs. Please contact us to discuss pricing.

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