The zombie apocalypse is real. They walk among us – you may even be infected.

Some workplaces breed office zombies – people drained of energy, lacking the right tools and knowledge, searching for guidance. They just lurch their way through the day, checking emails, attending meetings and scratching items of to-do lists until 5 PM comes and they are miraculously cured until the next morning.

The infection that is employee disengagement and it bleeds companies of productivity, profits and their best talents.

Join our kick ass company revolution and inoculate your team today!

The Main Course: Training Workplace Zombie Hunters

Our Hell Yeah Teams course builds awesome teams by building awesome people first. It is our belief that you can’t grow strong teams until you have strong people.

When your team works with us, we start by focusing on the individuals first through topics such as:

  • Confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Stress management

  • Overcoming fears

  • Motivation

  • And more

Only once we know your people are good with themselves can we be sure they are ready to build the best team they can.

At this point we give them the tools and knowledge they need to work together, such as:

  • Working with different personalities

  • Communicating effectively

  • Conflict resolution

  • Building trust

  • Prioritizing work

Finally, we work to build solid connections between the work the team is doing and the goals and mission of your organization. Only by building a relationship with the company and internalizing your goals and ambitions will employees take true ownership of their work and go above and beyond the job description.

If you’re ready for your team to unite and fight the office zombie apocalypse and say ‘hell ya’ to being a kick ass company, contact us today.

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Additional Team Courses

When you invest your time in improving the skills and abilities of people, they will work harder and better. When you inspire passion through a clear mission and purpose, people will provide great customer service. When you build a positive culture where employees feel safe and loved, innovation, creativity and collaboration thrive.  Check out our additional teambuilding courses below.

No Nonsense Communication: Keeping It Real
In this course, we give participants not only the knowledge and tools they need to be straight- shooter communicators, but the confidence and competence to start conversations that matter and move the company forward.

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Personality Dimensions™: Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Through the Personality Dimensions™ course, participants learn about their own unique style when it comes to communicating, relationship building, productivity, and conflict resolution, and the different styles of others in order to build a stronger team. 

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Creating Raving Fans: The Art of Service
In this course, participants learn how to turn happy customers into raving fans. They learn that customer service is not just one component of the organization, but the entire purpose of the organization. 

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