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The Two Row Wampum - excerpt by John Kane

The Two Row Wampum is simply about respect.

 The Two Row Wampum with its magnificently simple design depicts two rows of purple wampum set against a background of white.

 The two rows are equal and run side by side with each other. First Nations represent one of those rows. The other is for any and all that we share a mutual respect. The key is respecting our relations as equals and respecting that while we all have our own path; we are still connected.

 When the Two Row is described as two vessels on the river of life it is the river that connects us. The distinctions of the separate and equal rows show a respect for the distinct paths our vessels travel.

 It is said that everything that is ours must stay in our canoe while everything that is theirs must stay in their ship. The two must learn to travel together in respect and harmony, valuing each other’s tradition and culture.

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Our Story

Native Connections and BizXcel Inc. honour the Two Row Wampum by working in collaboration and bringing the insights, philosophies, knowledge, tips, tools and even emotion together to create unique solutions to individuals, teams, communities and organizations. Each solution is designed to designed to reflect your culture and to impact both current and future needs.

Together we help you reconnect to eachother, to the organization and/or to the community, but most importantly we help you have a deeper connection with you. Our belief is that you need to establish a correct relationship with yourself for from that correct relationship will flow correct relationships with others.

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Emmy and Gary

Emmy Mitchell, a certified spiritual teacher and founder of Native Connections and Gary Gzik, CEO of BizXcel Inc. have been travelling along the Two Row Wampum for many years. With diverse backgrounds, years of experience, strong convictions and a dynamite support team, Emmy and Gary will seek to understand your situation and in collaboration with you will create the solutions that will bring the greatest impact to your unique situation.

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