Who said business has to be boring?

Want to be excited about being at work again? Want to provide more than a paycheque at the end of the week, but also meaning and value? Are you ready to build a Kick Ass company?

Let international speaker, author and trainer, Gary Gzik make you passionate about work again. Not only are his keynotes useful and informative, but they are inspiring, entertaining and fun. Audiences leave with their minds and hearts full.

Weaving his vast knowledge and real stories and experiences seamlessly with business models and principles, Gary takes people on a journey to new levels of understanding about what it means to build and be part of a kick ass company.

If you believe that a company is more than just plans, processes and technology – that it’s the people and culture that truly make a company great – then you’re in good company.

Gary shows you how it’s accomplished through nurturing and building on core company beliefs, mentoring great leaders, and giving teams the tools and knowledge they need to be awesome that takes a company to the next level.

Are you ready to embrace change, take on risk and do the hard work while keeping an open mind? If you and your audience are passionate about building a kick ass company and feel you are up to the challenge, keynote by Gary is for you.

Work doesn't have to be dull and boring anymore. Build a company that not only reaches new heights of success, but is one where people enjoy coming to work and leave happy. 

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Speaking Topics:

Building a Kick Ass Company

We all want to be part of a companies that matter, ones that are more than just a place where work gets done, but instead leave a lasting legacy. We call these Kick Ass companies that know their true purpose, that have leaders that people follow because they believe in them and teams that say ‘yes’ even before they know what their leaders need from them. In order to build a Kick Ass company, you must achieve three objectives: Find Your Mojo, build Legendary Leaders, and create Hell Yeah Teams. In essence, whether you are a leader or an employee, through nurturing and building on core company beliefs, you all play a role in the success of the company. Giving teams the tools and knowledge they need to be awesome creates engaged employees who want to ‘give’ to the company. Gary will walk you through the key components of building a Kick Ass company and the steps needed to unlock the power in yours. You will go home with a new perspective on how to build your company from within!

Screw Resiliency  Don't just survive, rock!

With industry downturns, the accelerating pace of change and constantly evolving business practices, resiliency has become the golden child of business. No doubt a valuable quality in people, but should it be our end game? Resiliency isn’t a never-ending spring we can drink from to protect ourselves. Even the most positive people will eventually become drained, stressed and discouraged, harming both them and the organization. The best organizations look past building mere resilient cultures to ones that inspire and energize employees. Yes, we all need to be prepared to be knocked around once in a while, but employees shouldn’t be stepping into the ring each day at work. Employees will learn how they can re-focus their thinking, behaviours, and actions to help transform their cultures into spaces that allow them and others to thrive instead.

Creating Raving Fans

A fundamental truth exists; we are in business to take care of the customer. Great businesses know this is their competitive advantage and with competition so stiff in business today, the client knows this as well. We have flexibility and responsiveness on our side. And yet we are plagued with stories of horrendous service that exists every day. Creating Raving Fans looks at building long-term loyalty by delivering service from a customers’ perspective while measuring the impact that service—or lack thereof—has on our bottom line. This thought- provoking, entertaining presentation will leave you confident that you truly are the moment of truth with the people that matter most: your customers.

Awesome People Build Awesome Companies  It starts with you

At its core, a company will always be people serving and helping other people. Business is innately human and we have to remember to keep this at the forefront of our thinking. The most important person in any business is not the customer, it’s you. If you want to build a great company, you must have individuals within that company who feel great about themselves first. Awesome people build awesome companies. The attitude, behaviours and actions of each individual will influence not only those who do business with you, but become the example that others follow in the company as well.

In this presentation, we’ll talk about the importance of focusing on personal growth as a valuable business strategy and the impact in can have on the company and each person’s life. It’s no longer about “working to live” or “living to work”, it’s just about living.  

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Gary is a powerful, passionate and persuasive speaker who is true to his values of living life to the fullest.   He uses humor and practical examples to convey his conviction for embracing life and living your dreams.  No matter what size group he is speaking to he leaves participants with thought provoking questions and insights into the topics about personal growth and development.  Whether you are a corporation seeking systems changes or an individual looking for a life change his approach is enthusiastic, practical and inspiring.

Clare LeBlanc Northcott
National Director Organizational Transformation
United Way of Canada - Centraide Canada

For well over a decade, previously at CWT and RBC, I’ve relied and recommended Gary to address workplace challenges, team effectiveness, and build capability. Whether the engagement is a keynote address, learning workshop, or individual/executive coaching – Gary instills confidence in the participant, providing him/her with a very personal, memorable experience. Aware of the complexity and diversity of today’s global workplace, Gary is able to quickly focus participants on the actions that will have the greatest impact and inspire them to implement those actions for the betterment of themselves and the benefit of the organization.

Brent Taylor
National Manager, Learning & Development

Gary possesses such passion and enthusiasm you can’t help but leave his sessions energized. He is a wonderful, charismatic story teller with insightful anecdotes injecting new ways of looking at situations. Gary is comfortable addressing small crowds or large crowds, management and non-management; his goal is to connect with the audience and impart his knowledge and experience. Gary is charming, witty, entertaining and engaging. You won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth Gavin
Human Resources Professional

The main speaker at the dinner was an amazingly good professional motivational speaker, Mr. Gary Gzik.  His presentation, “Unleashing the Hero Inside” was a well-received upbeat message with audience participation.  Well done for having this kind of speaker in attendance!

David Yates
National President
Navy League of Canada