What do you have in your company – leaders or managers?

Peter Drucker once said, “A leader is someone you choose to follow; a manager you have to follow.”

Nobody can be made a leader, you have to earn. Nor is it a title that can just be bestowed on someone, it needs to be a conscious choice by that person to make the right choices to inspire people to follow them, be loyal, nurture trust and be inspired.

Your leaders make or break your company. They are integral to your corporate culture. Employees don’t get frustrated with companies, they get frustrated with leaders. They don’t quit the company, they quit the leader.

Your leaders are the glue that holds your whole company together. They are the ones that inspire action and have the biggest impact on the success of your company and people’s lives.

That’s a big load to carry. However, often the way people are promoted to leadership positions doesn’t take these things into consideration. Most people are given leadership roles because of their superior technical skill and/or understanding of the work being done. But it’s the people skills that make leaders great or terrible. New leaders are often startled and frustrated when they realize this and can have difficulty stepping up to the plate.

In a kick ass company, leaders know that their title means nothing and they learn to lead not by their authority, but by inspiring commitment, dedication and action from the people who choose to follow them.

They strive to connect with team members and build strong relationships that make people feel like they belong and are respected. They don’t use a one-size-fits-all model, but tailor their interactions to the needs of each team member.

They treat team members as adults that need not be managed, but only pointed in the right direction. They give employees the tools they need to get the job done, reduce friction and get out of their way.

Legendary leaders encourage heartfelt participation and collaboration from their teams. They give them ownership of their work and allow them a voice in the decisions that get made.

They understand the power of honest, transparent and clear communication and the power of talking and giving feedback and recognition every day. By making people believe they matter and that their opinions matter, these companies soar.

These leaders build environments where their team feels safe to take risks, speak up, explore opportunities, and occasionally fail in order to do great work. And they connect them with the mission and goals of the company.

People rally around these leaders because they know they have their backs and that they are working for the same things they are.

Legendary Leaders Courses

We believe that anyone within your organization can be a great leader if they are given the proper training, tools and have an attitude to inspire, influence and truly see the potential in others and their organization.  Our leadership courses show leaders how to build great cultures for their people and motivate them to not just do great work, but live great lives as well.

When you sign your leaders up for a Legendary Leaders course, we’ll give them the tools to earn this title while building their community of followers in a positive and supportive environment.

Legendary Leaders: The Origins
A focus on the basics of being a leader, particularly on self-awareness, being part of a leadership team and leading others.

Saving Humanity: The Essence of Servant Leadership
Leaders learn how to shift their mindset to act and speak in servant mode to help their team realize their potential through guidance and coaching.

Conversations that Matter
Leaders learn how to excel on providing feedback, recognition and have the important, but difficult conversations that embrace healthy conflict to strengthen their teams and improve performance.

Team Human
Leaders learn how to build strong, motivated teams based on people-friendly workplace practices.

Presentation Skills: Getting Your Point Across
Leaders learn the skills necessary to be confident, successful presenters within their organization.

Building Dream Jobs
Leaders learn how to break barriers & enhance motivation to achieve new levels of performance.

Personality Dimensions™ for Leaders
Leaders gain an understanding of different personality types & how to best lead each personality type to improve individual and team performance.

Shift Disturbers
Leaders learn how to escape the status quo and embrace change to drive innovation and creativity in their teams.

The Leader Within
Leaders gain a deeper understanding in how their own values and beliefs influence their leadership style and how to embrace a personal mission to become better leaders of their teams.

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