These ageless and seldom used oral traditional teachings were practiced regularly from the beginning of time. Today, some refer to this method as new age or alternative healing. However, historically our people lived and benefited by incorporating this in their daily lives and in this new and unique collaboration individuals, communities and organizations can continue to do so. 

During times of change and uncertainty, people can feel unsure and uneasy about their place in an organization, a community, a family or a team. They can begin to doubt the role they play in the bigger picture, or struggle with dealing with their own individual life. This leaves them feeling stressed and confused and creates frustration with themselves and others. The environment becomes tense and not conducive to productivity, performance and emotional well-being. This can affect all aspects of their lives: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social.

In this three to five day course, we reignite people’s passion so they can take back control. Through self-awareness, knowledge, tools and teachings participants will experience renewed joy, confidence and passion.

The program looks at the whole person. We do this through a unique blend of cultural teachings, experiential learning and increased self-awareness through individual and group discussions. In our training we will work with people to help them uncover and choose to bring their full selves forward and to build strong, healthy, productive relationships with one another. The course focuses on three crucial areas:

  1. Self-empowerment: personal healing, development and growth

  2. Caring for others: learning how to build strong, healthy relationships with others

  3. Re-connecting with our purpose: finding the meaning in our lives, work and serving our community

Course Topics Include:

  • The Universal Laws

  • The Good Mind

  • Building healthy relationships with others

  • Maintaining Positive Habits

  • Understanding the Medicine Wheel

  • Dealing with conflict positively

  • Teambuilding

  • Finding purpose in your life

These workshops are geared towards reawakening participant’s knowledge and practice of their historical cultural practices to create a safe, positive and productive work environment.

  • The activities of these workshops provide tools for participants as they journey towards their personal path to healing.

  • Awareness of healing techniques, increased spiritual, mental and emotional awareness thereby leading to a greater balance in life.

  • Participants will be able to integrate a cultural and spiritual approach when working within their community.

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