LEGENDARY LEADERS: The fundamentals

 What do you have in your company – leaders or managers?

Peter Drucker once said, “A leader is someone you choose to follow; a manager you have to follow.”

Nobody can be made a leader, you have to earn. Nor is it a title that can just be bestowed on someone, it needs to be a conscious choice by that person to make the right choices to inspire people to follow them, be loyal, nurture trust and be inspired.

Your leaders make or break your company. They are integral to your corporate culture. Employees don’t get frustrated with companies, they get frustrated with leaders. They don’t quit the company, they quit the leader.

Your leaders are the glue that holds your whole company together. They are the ones that inspire action and have the biggest impact on the success of your company and people’s lives.

That’s a big load to carry. However, often the way people are promoted to leadership positions doesn’t take these things into consideration. Most people are given leadership roles because of their superior technical skill and/or understanding of the work being done. But it’s the people skills that make leaders great or terrible. New leaders are often startled and frustrated when they realize this and can have difficulty stepping up to the plate.