Build a Kick Ass Company
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At the heart of all our training is our commitment to building better lives, one person at a time. We strongly believe that when we connect in a meaningful way with the individuals in our training, they will be motivated and inspired to take the skills and knowledge they learn to the next level.

This commitment influences the way we complete our training. We ensure all our sessions are people-focused, high energy, interactive, passionate and focused on real-world experiences. We become partners with each person we work with; our goal is to form lasting relationships where your employees are encouraged to reach out to us for further help and guidance.

Our focus is to have each person leave our sessions equipped with the tools and confidence they need to invoke positive change and the energy and drive to do so.


Leadership Training


Legendary Leaders: The Foundations
Leaders learn how to shift their mindset to act and speak in servant mode to help their team realize their potential through guidance and coaching.


Becoming a Shift Disturber
Leaders learn how to step outside their comfort zones in their behaviours and actions, keep open minds when it comes to new ideas and perspectives, engage in healthy, productive strategies for change, and stay primed and ready in stressful times.


Team Training


Hell Yeah Teams
The zombie apocalypse is real. They walk among us – you may even be infected. The infection that is employee disengagement and it bleeds companies of productivity, profits and their best talents. Inoculate your team today!


Personality Dimensions™
Often it is small quirks and misunderstandings that break down a relationship. Participants learn about their own unique style when it comes to communication, relationship building, productivity, and conflict resolution, and the different styles of others.

No Nonsense Communication
In this course, participants not only the knowledge and tools they need to be straight-shooter communicators, but the confidence and competence to start conversations that matter and move the company forward.


Rock Star Customer Service
Participants learn how to build loyalty by delivering service from a customers’ perspective while measuring the impact that service - or lack thereof- has on the bottom line while embracing that they are the moment of truth.


Journey to Empowerment
Participants will experience a one-of-a-kind course where they will learn how they can live fulfilling lives and bring their best to their teams by applying native teachings and practices.


Professional development Training


Taking it All Off: Mastering Presentation Skills
We’ve all heard the saying, “Pretend the audience is naked.” Strong presenters do the opposite, they see themselves as the ones without clothes. They are willing and comfortable baring all. Learn how to present like a pro.