For over 30 years, we’ve been workplace zombie hunters - making sure that people’s jobs don’t suck so they stay happy and engaged because we all know that happy people do awesome work.

A division of BizXcel Inc., we developed Build a Kick Ass Company because we are passionate about uncovering the potential that we believe every person has inside of them and creating workplaces that allow them to see this potential realized.

We imagine a world where we abolish the TGIF mentality; where there is no more "working to live" or "living to work", there's just living.

Our Workplace Rebels

It takes a dedicated team full of hustle and heart to inspire change in people and workplaces and we have just the crew for the job. We’ve searched high and low for the best of the best and are proud to call them our own. They may be a little bit weird and quirky, but we love ‘em!



Days at work: 8 225ish

Likes: Slow pontoon cruises, red wine on the deck, family vacay

When I grow up I want to: Be a Safari Adventure Guide



Days at work: 2 772ish

Likes: Laughing, dancing, & kickboxing

When I grow up I want to: Join the circus



Days at work: 1 207ish

Likes: Cooper, her rescue dog, home renos, traveling

When I grow up I want to: Be a surf instructor



Days at work: 4 935ish

Likes: The word “panini”, the enthusiasm of dogs, childhood movies

When I grow up I want to: Be the Dirty Job’s guy



Days at work: 2 350ish

Likes: My three-legged pug, creeping social media, listening to music while I work

When I grow up I want to: Own a Tiki Bar on a tropical island


Our Style

At the heart of all our workshops, presentations and events is our commitment to building better lives, one person at a time. We strongly believe that when we connect in a meaningful way with the individuals in our training, they will be motivated and inspired to take the skills and knowledge they learn to the next level.

This commitment influences the way we complete our training. We ensure all our sessions are people-focused, high energy, interactive, passionate and focused on real-world experiences. We become partners with each person we work with; our goal is to form lasting relationships where your employees are encouraged to reach out to us for further help and guidance.

Our focus is to have each person leave our sessions equipped with the tools and confidence they need to invoke positive change and the energy and drive to do so.