No matter what organization, in what sector, it is culture that leads to success; a culture that revolves around engaging employees in the company goals, enabling them with the right tools and skills and providing them with an energizing environment.

A great culture doesn’t form on its own – it’s an intentional process. When you invest in building a positive culture that brings out the best in your people, they will bring out the best in your business. Good business is simply a by-product of caring about people.

The first step to building a strong, healthy culture is having a clear understanding of what your employees think of your organization and how it is affecting their work and performance. Without this you will waste time, effort and money on initiatives that may or may not have any significant impact on creating a healthy work experience. Other times you may be treating a symptom rather than the root of the issue.

Our People-Friendly Workplace Meter allows you to access the top five drivers of engagement as found by The Global Workforce Study by Towers Watson: leadership; stress, balance and workload; goals and objectives; managers/supervisors; and the organization’s image to ensure your people have the right environment to thrive. It will help you address areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

It is imperative to the success of any organization that leaders keep a finger on the pulse of their culture, whether this is making a habit of spending time being around employees, having regular meetings with employees and less senior leaders, or having someone closer to the action advise them.

The more informed everyone in the organization is on workplace culture, the better equipped they are to make important decisions on the present and future.

The People-Friendly Workplace Meter includes topics on all the crucial areas which impact employees’ views on their culture:

  • Work Environment

  • Communication

  • Team Dynamics

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Direct Supervisor/Manager

  • Training and Development

  • Quality of Products and Customer Service

  • Leadership

  • Innovation and Strategy

  • Organization

  • Energy

  • Job Satisfaction

By using our People-Friendly Workplace Meter you will be able to see exactly where you can implement new initiatives, adjust plans, implement training, and make changes to improve your culture.

The survey is web-based and 100% anonymous, ensuring your employees feel safe and comfortable providing their true thoughts and feelings.

The results are yours to use however you’d like – no strings attached. We will provide recommendations, which you can choose to implement in-house, with another business consulting company or we can offer you our services.

Employees are molded by the cultures they work in. How they think, behave and act is largely affected by the environment they are part of. People become the ideas that surround them.

To succeed today, the status quo just won’t do.

If you want people to bring their best, you need an environment that motivates them to do so. One that doesn’t just allow them to survive but thrive.

Contact us today to learn more about bringing the People-Friendly Workplace Meter to your organization and find out how your culture measures up.

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