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Say Good-bye to Stressful Performance Reviews

Hate performance reviews? You’re not alone. Not only are they universally dreaded by both employees and managers, but traditional reviews are linked to high levels of turnover, low productivity and significant problems with collaboration.

Standard performance management processes are undermined by three main issues:

  1. Number-based ratings prime people to be defensive and aggressive, and even high ones, have been found to disengage and undermine employees by creating a sense of inadequacy.

  2. They promote a “fixed mindset” approach to learning and growth which causes employees to avoid the effort that leads to learning and growth for fear of failure.

  3. Annual or semi-annual performance reviews do not provide employees with the frequent feedback they need to improve their performance and tend to focus on past poor performance.



 The Details

Our approach aligns with best practices for employee engagement ensuring an atmosphere of trust, safety and belonging is maintained throughout the process. Through a two-way conversation between employees and leaders, they promote a growth mindset and focus on uncovering and removing interferences for maximum employee performance in the future and motivate through learning and development.

Your organization is provided with two templates of pre-defined questions for both supervisors and employees to facilitate performance conversations. Questions are centered equally on skill development and your organization’s values and culture to ensure employees are not only able to perform well, but are also committed to their colleagues and the company. Employees are given the opportunity to examine and discuss their views on their future growth and development and what they need from their leader and the company to meet their potential. 



Who should participate: Anyone in a supervisory or management role

We coach your leaders on how to conduct the guided conversations. Through training on how to facilitate these conversations, leaders continue to learn how to promote open, honest, respectful communication focused on understanding, motivating and empowering employees.


  • A kick start call to get to know about your company and goals

  • Two templates of pre-defined questions for both leaders and employees (minor customization available)

  • Half-day training session for leaders on how to facilitate guided conversations

  • Optional: One-on-one consulting and coaching on individual performance reviews