The future is unpredictable and with the incredible pace of change and growth in our world today, it’s even harder to predict where we will be next year, next quarter, next week.

A strategic plan is not a prediction about the future; it is a map with many routes. They may not all lead to the same spot on the map, but they all lead to success! Imagine your business like a road trip. You set out on your trip with the goal of getting somewhere while also seeing and experiencing some great things along the way. Your plan is like your map.

But you don’t just draw a straight line between your starting block and the destination: you plan out alternate routes, you make predictions about weather to avoid hurricanes, and you find places you’d like to stop and see along the way.

Because you are open to changing your route in response to whatever comes up along the way, you have a better time and you find new opportunities. You ultimately arrive at your destination (you followed the plan!) but because you saw the plan as a living, dynamic thing with options, you were able to take advantage of a lot of great opportunities, respond to changes in traffic and weather appropriately, and thrive.

Strategic planning isn’t about creating a plan that you will stick to come hell or high water. It’s about creating a plan that allows you to be flexible and dynamic, while being proactive. 

The Planning

We don’t believe in stuffy strategic planning. Great strategic planning comes from people who are excited and open to the process. With this in mind, our facilitators bring in activities and exercises that keep energy high and participants active. Our process encourages participants to speak up and be hands-on.    

During the process, you'll achieve several key objectives:

  • Determine a clear direction for the next few years as determined

  • Identify key priority areas to support team, client and organizational needs

  • Strengthen the resolve and the confidence of all members with the plan and their respective alignment to the vision

  • Smoke out and address any issues, fears or concerns with the path forward so commitment to the plan remains high

  • Build in key success measurements to evaluate the impact of the strategic plan

Reactive businesses survive; proactive businesses thrive. Strategic planning means you are a trend setter; able to shift the economy and the way business is done. Contact us today to learn more. 

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