We spend the majority of our waking lives at work. Work is a necessity for all but a select few. It allows us to put food on the table, a roof over our heads and clothes on our backs.

However, many of us are unwilling participants in the war on work. We live for the weekends and holidays. We count down the days until retirement. And as we tick the days of our lives off, we forget what work could mean – that it doesn’t have to be something to fight against.

We need work for more than just a paycheck at the end of the week. Work can (and should) provide us with so much more. We are at a time in our society when it can be difficult to gain a sense of close community. Work can provide us with belonging and friendships.

Most people want to contribute and use their skills to be part of something worthwhile. Work can show us our value and give us something to take pride and joy in.

Work can also allow us to grow and give us opportunities to push ourselves further.

We believe that any company can build a workplace that people don’t feel obliged to fight against – one that celebrates the value of work and helps people be their best selves. Only when people feel their best will they do their best work.

The Team Human Project is designed to guide you in creating a strong culture in your team, working from the inside out – showing how every person contributes each day to the culture through their choices. It teaches team members how to make the right choices necessary to create a great place to work.

Culture ceases to be a noun and becomes a verb. It’s not something you have, it’s something you do. Everything matters when it comes to culture. The way you talk, solve problems, hold meetings, deal with conflicts, evaluate one another, celebrate.



Because lasting change takes time and commitment, The Team Human Project is a comprehensive year-long course that allows people to learn new skills, practice them and build them into their daily work life before moving on to the next level.

When you sign your team up for The Team Human Project, you’ll gain access to an online membership site with online videos, articles, blogs, tools and tips, and assignments.

Each month your team will be introduced to a new topic, starting with building a solid team foundation and moving on to more in-depth topics such as social capital, communication, conflict resolution and creativity and innovation.

Team members will watch the online videos bi-weekly and then come together as a group for a facilitated conversation to discuss the topic and work on individual and team assignments.

The team leader is provided with a thorough facilitator’s guide containing instructions, discussion topics, additional assignments, tools and tips, frequently asked questions, etc. This booklet guides you through every step of the way and provides you with the confidence to facilitate real change within your team.

Each team member will also be given an individual journal to track six integral weekly habits towards building a strong culture, as well as for tracking various assignments during the year.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Membership to the comprehensive year-long course

  • Twelve topics to build a strong team culture

  • 24 online videos to teach the team new skills, develop better habits, change thinking, and inspire action.

  • Bi-weekly individual and team assignments to practice new skills and build the new culture through your day-to-day work

  • 10 Team Human Project journals

  • Facilitator’s guide to help you every step of the way as you transform your team

  • Library of additional resources: videos, articles, blogs, tools, tips, ideas, etc.

  • Access to a Team Human Project expert for questions and follow-up

  • Option to purchase additional Team Human Project journals and facilitator guides


Monthly Topics:

  • Welcome to Team Human: Joining the movement

  • Awesome People First: Adopting the right attitude for change

  • Building the Tribe: What it truly means to be a team

  • The Glue that Holds Us: Building social capital

  • Speaking the Lingo: Communicating with intent

  • Showing the Love: Using recognition and appreciation to increase motivation

  • Learning Your Strengths: Elevating what team members do best

  • The Value of a Life: Uncovering your values and learning to apply them

  • Finding Your Cathedral: Using purpose to fuel great work

  • You’ve Got to Own It: Becoming accountable for ourselves

  • Growing with Conflict: Learning how to embrace healthy conflict

  • Re-Learning How to Play: Creating an environment for creativity and innovation

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