Post-It notes, banks and seeds

Accountability is something we both love and hate. We hear many people talk about the importance of accountability for success, but few know how to implement it in a way that produces it. Most of this ambivalence towards accountability comes from not having a clear understanding of what it is. In this video, you will learn how to properly bring accountability into your culture in a way that benefits everyone.


A culture of accountability isn’t something that just forms in our teams, it is something we must proactively create through our actions and behaviours. Use the worksheet below to assess your current team culture to see where you may need to make any adjustments to improve accountability in your team.

Accountability vs. Blame Assessment (PDF)

Pie, fireworks and stepping stones

Mistakes are a fact of life – they are going to happen whether we like them or not. The only people who don’t make mistakes are those who never try anything new. Not only are mistakes normal, they are a necessary component for growth, innovation and success. It’s not the making of mistakes that matters, but how we handle them after they are made. In this video, you will learn the importance of mistakes and how to develop a mindset that not only accepts them but embraces them for the valuable information they can provide the team.


When we view mistakes as stepping stones to success, it takes the fear and embarrassment out of them. Not only does this help us grow and learn new skills as individuals, it helps the team create the trust necessary to innovate, take risks and experiment. Fill in the worksheet below to practice turning mistakes into learning opportunities by finding the hidden positives.

On the Other Hand (PDF)

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