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We spend more waking hours at work than we do with our family and friends, so why wouldn’t we want our work experience to be a great one? When we work with people who give us a sense of safety and belonging, it is an amazing feeling. We feel engaged and passionate about our work. Finding and building this type of “tribe” isn’t easy, but with the right intentions the results are worth it. In this video, will learn what it takes to go beyond the traditional view of a team to one that supports one another in all types of weather.



When we see the potential in others and the value they bring to us and the team, we are willing to give them our time, energy, resources, and more. In this activity, you will start building this commitment by taking the time to see the value and potential of the members of your team.

Seeing the Good (PDF)



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Even if we all want to do our best for the team and bring out the good in everyone in our group, our fear, lack of trust and insecurity can make this difficult. In this video, you will learn what it takes to create the environment that allows people to go out of their way to make one another look good and how to maintain it.



To be successful as a team, everyone needs to feel safe – you need high levels of Will to Win and low levels of Fear of Failure. To do this, people need to trust that other team members will think, behave, and act in similar ways. Use the worksheet below to outline how you think your team should be thinking, behaving, and acting to build a strong sense of safety and trust.

Team Human Charter (PDF)
Our Team Human Charter - Facilitator’s Copy (PDF)



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