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Valentine's Day Candy Hearts, Assorted of Colours.

Love Day is just around the corner and that means there is no better time to get the inside scoop on different personality types. When you look at the world through the lens of different personality colours, you’ll be amazed at what you discover.

Let’s take the simplest act of buying a Valentine’s Day card as an example. While you might think it’s primarily an Authentic Blue day, the truth is, all of us find ourselves in the card aisle at some point and we have unique approaches based on our personality type.

For Authentic Blues, finding the perfect card is a must. They won’t settle for the first one they see, instead they will meticulously browse through all the cards, ensuring they find the card that represents the relationship the best. If no card matches up, they’ll happily resort to arts and crafts, showcasing their creative and emotional side to you.

Inquiring Greens, on the other hand, aren’t known for their outward displays of affection. Their logical perspective leads them to effectively choose the first card that works and head straight to the checkout. We’ve also heard Greens refer to Valentine’s Day as a consumer holiday, questioning the logic behind expensive cards, destined for the garbage. Don’t get us wrong, Greens can be very romantic, but they do approach it from a logical perspective, versus an emotional one.

Organized Golds shine in this area. They are so prepared for Valentine’s Day, as they likely already have purchased their cards in advance and usually snag it at a good price. Alternatively, with their “Just In Case’ stash at home, Golds are always ready for any event, and may even get nostalgic by slipping in an old concert ticket stub or something that they find is traditional.

And then there are the Resourceful Oranges, the last-minute warriors rushing into the store on February 14th, hoping to find a decent card amid the picked-over selection. The result? Anything from super romantic, to funny and perhaps even the last pop-up musical card on the shelf.

In our training workshops, participants often find humour in recognizing themselves in this scenario and identifying their relationships. Turning Personality Dimensions into both a professional tool and a personal gift. That hopefully you cracked a smile for you.

Looking for a fun way to turn this into a work icebreaker? Have people share their ideal Valentine’s Day card or gift, and ask them to share their approach to prepping for Valentine’s Day. And don’t forget to circle back to let us know how it went!


A Team Human Conversation

Fight workplace zombies in your organization and join Team Human! Gather a group of fellow workplace zombie hunters to discuss our most recent blog post. Use the questions below to kick-start your conversation.

  1. What personality type approach to Valentine’s Day most resonates with you?

  2. How do you think understanding and acknowledging diverse approaches can impact our team dynamics?

  3. What can we start doing as a team to be mindful of the four personality temperaments in the workplace?


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