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December - A Time to Reflect and Plan Ahead

People working together in a board room with santa hats on.

As December rolls in, it's evaluation time! Dive into the year's highs and lows with your team—be candid, spill the tea, and create an open dialogue. Seize this chance to connect with your fantastic crew, giving them a shout-out for their hard work. Feel the good vibes roll in as you acknowledge their awesomeness, boosting motivation to new heights.

But hold on, the excitement doesn't stop there! It's time to spice things up for the next year. Leaders, amp up those goals, blend in lessons from the past months, and share the organizational master plan with lively discussions on future goals. Get everyone on the same page, revved up for the thrilling journey ahead.

And for the grand finale, let's wrap up the year on a high note and make it unforgettable! Beyond discussing performance, infuse some festive vibes and gratitude into the mix. Here are some fun ideas to jazz it up:

1. Throw a holiday bash with your team.

2. Dive into team-building adventures.

3. Show some love and appreciation.

4. Get ready for a fresh start by sharing exciting new goals.

5. Dream big for the New Year and spice it up with cool rewards for hitting milestones.

Let the good times roll! 🎉


Be Kick Ass

Building a Kick Ass Company means loving the space you work in. We’re helping you make your desktop festive, with this month’s desktop calendars. Download the bundle, choose your favourite and then share them with your team.

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December 2023 Desktop Calendar
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