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No Hustle Culture

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We often find ourselves caught up in the hustle culture, striving to work harder and longer without pause. We often hear the question, “How’s your week going?” and the common reply, “I’m swamped” or “Hustling to try and finish my work before the weekend.” Our default seems to be perpetual motion and we’ve normalized these responses.

Busyness doesn’t equate to productivity and success. So are we truly thriving in a constant state of hustle?

When we model this culture and reinforce it within our teams, we inadvertently encourage a cycle of overwork and we all know that will eventually lead to burnout. It’s a cycle that rewards busyness over efficiency, and values long hours over well-being. Lunches are eaten at desks, breaks are shortened to squeeze in more tasks, and the laptop magically opens for “just 5 minutes” after hours.

Yet, as humans, we aren’t designed for this constant overdrive.

Perhaps it’s time to redefine success not by how much we hustle, but by how effectively we balance effort and our well-being. It’s about encouraging ourselves and others to recharge, to prioritize sustainable work practices to allow our teams to thrive, and contribute our best selves without sacrificing our joy along the way.


Team Human Conversation

Fight workplace zombies in your organization and join Team Human! Gather a group of fellow workplace zombie hunters to discuss our most recent blog post. Use the questions below to kick-start your conversation.

  1. Reflect on a time when you or your team felt pressured to prioritize busyness over well-being. What were the outcomes of this approach, both in terms of productivity and team morale?

  2. In what ways can you personally redefine success in your work environment to prioritize both productivity and well-being?

  3. What specific steps could you take to encourage a healthier balance between effort and recharge time for yourself and your team?


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