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Remembering Our CEO, Gary Gzik

It is with heavy hearts and profound sorrow that we share the devastating news of the passing of our cherished CEO, Gary Gzik. Gary left us on Monday, November 20, succumbing to a heart attack, with his wife and best friend, Jane, by his side. At 60 years old, he leaves behind a legacy of warmth and inspiration. He is survived by his loving wife, Jane, and their children, Evan and Hannah.

Gary's impact on our company, Build a Kick Ass Company (BizXcel, Inc), surpassed the professional realm. He transformed the workplace into a space you wanted to be, cultivating an environment of mentorship, motivation, leadership, camaraderie and friendship. Conversations with Gary were always brimming with laughter, motivation, and a boost of confidence, creating an environment where you could grow your ideas and become the person you aspired to be. He had a unique ability to build people up, instilling confidence and creating an atmosphere that everyone desires in their professional journey.

But it didn’t stop there. Gary's genuine and compassionate nature resonated far beyond the boundaries of our company. Those fortunate enough to have experienced his kindness, care, and understanding are left with lasting impressions of a truly exceptional individual. The void created by his passing is immeasurable, and as his family shared the news, a wave of love, memories, and tributes flooded in, amplifying the significance of the legacy he forged.

With nearly 40 years of dedication, he worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of people globally, leading a mission to redefine workplace dynamics and build “kick ass” companies. Gary's philosophy exceeded the traditional work-life concept; it was about truly living. He instilled a passion for life in all those he encountered, encouraging them to bring their energy, not just their time, to their endeavors. His ability to create workplaces where individuals valued themselves and each other was remarkable. It is without a doubt, that he has left a permanent mark on the professional landscape.

In closing, our thoughts and prayers are with Gary's family, and those grieving alongside them, during this difficult time. May they find solace in the memories of an extraordinary individual who touched the lives of so many.

Gary, you are being missed tremendously.


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