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The Rise of a Leader with Angela Klages

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It’s true when they say the impact of a strong leader cannot be overstated. Aspiring to become a great leader takes a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and passion to reach new heights personally but also having a positive influence amongst peers and a team. When a leader has a strong foundation, understands their values, their leadership and personality style, they can use that information to effectively lead and support others.

Gary Gzik, Champion of Build a Kick Ass Company division and CEO of BizXcel, has worked with Peel Plastic Products for a number of years, all from connecting at a tradeshow, to be integrated into the incredible culture and success they’ve experienced. Peel Plastic Products Ltd. Is a leader in flexible packaging solutions and process innovation for over 45 years. They do this through strategic decisions, staying close to their customer and industry needs and investing in their people.

Through Gary’s work he has had the privilege to work with the many dynamic leaders at Peel Plastics. One in particular who stands out is Angela Klages. Angela demonstrates a tenacious attitude towards learning and self-development, putting herself in situations to challenge her comfort zone to develop stronger leadership skills. She also leads with passion and empathy, believing that it truly takes strong relationships to build a culture of energy and accountability, so everyone wins – employees, managers and Peel Plastic Products.

Gary met up with Angela Klages to talk about her rise as a leader who has consistently demonstrated grit and resilience in her leadership journey.

Angela Klages

Angela Klages

Production Supervisor in Single Web Converting at Peel Plastics

How did you get to the leadership role you are in today?

Angela: I’m currently the Production Supervisor in Single Web Converting at Peel Plastics. I believe how I got here today was with the help of multiple mentors along the way, and my teams giving me support with their knowledge and encouragement. I’ve worked with Gary/Hannah for many years dealing with any relationship struggles and taking courses to gain knowledge regarding how to support management and production employees.

What are your top three values as a leader?

It’s so important to take a moment and identify what your top leadership values are. These values are what guide your leadership style and creates effective leaders. Angela shares below her top three values as a leader that most definitely is demonstrated on an ongoing basis and makes a positive impact on the team morale and supports the workplace culture.

Angela: Honesty, Empathy and Humility. I believe these 3 values are the most significant in gaining respect and trust from your team, and without your team you cannot be an effective leader.

What inspires you to continue leading the way you do?

Angela: The most inspiring part of my job is when I see the impact I make on individuals and the department. When an individual that I have encouraged to grow; succeeds, it empowers me to continue leading and growing my team. Even small notes and activities make a large impact on employee morale and mental health.

What advice would you give to a new/emerging leader?

Let’s face it, stepping into a leadership or upskilling for that opportunity can be challenging and also very rewarding. Becoming an emerging leader or brand new to the role takes time to build confidence and find your groove. But with passion for what you do and who you do it with, can be a really empowering moment for a leader.

Angela: Never stop learning, learn from your mistakes, your success, and especially from your team. People are constantly evolving and learning what makes your team tick will allow you to get the most from them and your relationship with them.


We’re so happy we got to hear from Angela and that we have the opportunity to work with the incredible Peel Plastic leaders. It’s truly rewarding to work with leaders who seek to make a positive difference in their workplaces.

If you’d like to learn more about Peel Plastic Products, visit their website here.


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